To My community of friends, family, acquaintances.

 Every leap year, we’re gifted an extra day. My team and I are dedicating that extra day to some extra-ordinary kindness.

 Leap day - 29th Feb

For one day, let's just pause from the hustle. Pause from our own worries, family troubles, strained relationships, and all the Drama and just take a deep breath and look around you.

Can we afford to do that ONCE in 4years?

It's 24 hours.

For 24 hours starting midnight 29th Feb 2024 we have pledged 100% sales towards a charity chosen by us "Like a Dog" - (https://www.likeadog.org) "Like a dog" is very close to my heart. Reshmi and Shweta, another amazing sister duo - have started this with the hope of vaccinating and providing healthcare to community animals.

So, let's ice cream for a cause. Send it to a friend, send it to a colleague, or send it to an ex.

We'll include a personalised note.

 If you're not sold yet. That's okay too.

We're just encouraging a #Leapintokindness and if you're not for this cause. Find a cause of your own that you've been procrastinating to help, volunteer for or aid.

We’d be honored if you joined us in some way to leap together. Let's turn this day into a movement. No matter where in the world you live.

 Thank you for taking this leap with us,

 Jayatri/ Reya /Bonti



P.S - Don’t forget to share your support with #LeapIntoKindness and draw more feet to the cause!

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