Roastery Coffee House X The Fat Little Penguin


From the team at Roastery Coffeehouse.

 One of our most important must-dos every year includes supporting new entrepreneurs. So when@jayatri.biswas, Founder of@thefatlittlepenguinpitched a collaboration with us, we knew we would go all out if the products were good. The next time when Jayatri brought us little tubs of ice cream handmade with our own Monsoon Malabar beans, we were all blown away! It literally took us a second to decide that we would go every extra mile to make the ice creams available in all our cafés across all five cities - quite a task considering The Fat Little Penguin that makes only artisanal ice creams, is based in Kolkata and no other city yet.

The white Coffee Bean ice cream is made using freshly roasted Monsoon Malabar beans that are left in The Fat Little Penguin's signature ice cream batter overnight. The next morning, when the batter is completely infused with the flavor and aroma of the beans, Jayatri churns it into ice cream. Since the process used is infusion, the ice cream is white in color and packed with flavor and aroma. It's so good, it's a must, must try!

Also, the nip in the air is best enjoyed over ice cream. Who agrees!



Where to find it:

Roastery Coffeehouse Jaipur

Roastery Coffeehouse Noida

Roastery Coffeehouse Lucknow

Roastery Coffeehouse Hyderabad

Roastery Coffeehouse Kolkata

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