MyKolkata on Sundae Jars


If you are a fruit lover, then Tropical Getaway — a fruity mix of Mango, raspberry, caramelised pineapple, with coconut ice cream, biscoff and cream — is here to steal your heart. If chocolate is pure love for you, then try the Cocoa Caramel with Belgian dark chocolate ice cream, salted caramel ice cream, fudge, cookie and feuilletine. If you enjoy a hint of nuttiness in your food, then Nutty Dalgona with coffee ice cream, praline paste, jigsaw dalogna and feuilletine is perfect for you. So, head over to Poach and choose your jar today!

Address:  P 562 Lake Road, Opposite Kamala Girls School 

Opening Time: 11 am - 10:30 pm 

 Subhadrika Sen


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