Know Our Product



While Kolkata is seeing a great upsurge in the variety of cakes, cookies and dessert options in general, the range of ice creams have not changed much over the last few years. Ice cream, according to us is the perfect blank canvas to innovate on. This is exactly what The Fat Little Penguin would like to do - take a dessert familiar to everybody and bring in offbeat flavours, unique combinations and play on textures to give the palette something fresh. Off with the old!



Every ice cream of ours is carefully handcrafted in-house using only premium ingredients. We make the base custard and churn the ice cream in small quantities with minimal over-run (below 10%). The overrun determines the quality of ice cream which, in simplest terms, is how much air is incorporated in the ice cream. The lower the overrun, the lower the air content, and better the quality of ice cream. 100% overrun, for example, means every pint of mix or base will provide two pints of ice cream. In other words, half the content of your pint would be air!! Basically, with us you are paying only for the good stuff, not for air.

Try eating an entire pint of our ice-cream in one sitting! It wont be easy.

Less is more - saves you calories and satisfies that craving!!


​Our ingredients for good ice cream are fresh cream, good quality full fat milk, and sugar. We have handpicked a range of chocolates, whole fruits and raw nuts that are premium and everything is made in-house, that would be the sauces, curds, chunks and even the base. We also support anyone who needs customization – be it Vegan, Keto, Gluten-free and Sugar-free.

Our sweetener alternative is Sucralose. It is a zero calorie sweetener which goes totally unprocessed in the body. We have tried a range of sweeteners - this not only gave the best flavour without after taste but also gives great texture to the ice cream.

For our vegan versions - we use almond milk and coconut milk as our dairy substitute.

For keto - we use a combination of cream and almond milk.


Our ice creams are painstakingly made with great care from scratch. With premium ingredients we make a base custard and churn the ice cream in small quantities with minimal over-run. You may be aware that most ice cream companies outsource their production or buy a pre-made mix. We however, manually prepare, pasteurize and churn our ice cream in small batches, a few pints at a time. Each individual pint is meticulously layered and packed, then labelled by hand. Each of our pints have a handwritten batch date and an expiry since there are no added preservatives. We do not use any artificial flavours or colours either.