About Us

Our Vision

Kolkata’s local artisanal ice cream brand – The Fat Little Penguin believes anything made with a little TLC, can be taken to a whole new level. In an industry overrun of 50%, which means for every 1000ml of ice cream 500ml air is added, The Fat Little Penguin operates with a maximum of 10-15%, which ultimately results in denser, richer and yummier ice-creams.

Our Ice creams are made with a combination of milk and cream with milk fat up to 15%, catapulting it into the premium ice cream category. All our flavours are curated with lots of R&D, which includes keto, vegan, sugar-free,  gluten-free and lactose intolerant variants. Even the variegates i.e the add-ins such as the chunks and swirls that go into the ice cream are carefully researched and included – after all, nobody wants a solid frozen chunk of brownie that’s impossible to bite into in the ice-cream.

We are committed to using seasonal fruits, locally sourced when possible and creating products that are always delicious and always innovating.

Why Ice Creams?

There’s no contesting Ice-cream's universally loved status irrespective of your age. We asked ourselves what makes ice-cream so truly special, is it the idea of shared spoons, a tub and your closest girlfriends, or the ultimate excuse used for a long drive, the only silver lining after dental surgeries, or that no matter how old we get, it is still a worthy contest to try and finish your cone before it melts. 

Simply put, The Fat Little Penguin has taken a childhood favourite dessert – ice cream and revamped it with the best in class, handpicked ingredients sourced from across India.

The much loved penguin.

The penguin signifies the child in each of us. The cold loving, happy go-lucky personality unabashed by its appearance

Scoop of comfort

There is nothing better than curling up in your favourite cosy spot, eating spoon-fulls of your favourite ice cream straight out of the tub. A good ol' fashioned affogato is a great DIY hack too.

About the owner and the Chef

"Ice creams, seen as a mass produced commodity, is a much ignored part of the pastry world. Well, not anymore!" says Chef Jayatri. "Very little is really known to the layman about the world of ice creams and frozen desserts and we want to change that.

With a total of 8 years’ experience in the hospitality and food industry, Jayatri’s background has been truly varied. She worked with brands like Taj Hotels and Starwood Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group in catering sales and F&B Marketing.

An alumni of IHM Mumbai, she upskilled herself at Lavonne Academy as a pastry chef. She then trained with Chef Dominique Ansel (award winning pastry chef) and Chef Madison Lee in New York City. Also known for her cakes and bakes under her first brand “Short and Sweet” she was determined to learn more. Passionate about the science behind food, she keeps reading and experimenting. This helps her to come up with her own recipes and techniques.

Chef Jayatri Biswas